Best Modular Kitchen Accessories in India 2020 (Every Kitchen’s Must Have)

Best Modular Kitchen Accessories in India 2020 (Every Kitchen’s Must Have): Hey everyone, built up a new home? or looking for Modular Kitchen Accessories? then you are at the correct place.

We have bring some great must have Modular Kitchen Accessories that I believe is every kitchen needs. So without wasting anymore time let’s hit to the list.

Let’s begin,

Best Modular Kitchen Accessories in India 2020

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  1. Cello Checkers Plastic PET Canister Set, 18 Pieces
  2. 360 Degree Rotating ABS Silicone and Stainless Steel Sprinkler
  3. Dust Bin Holder/Modular Kitchen Fixture (Dia 10 Inches)
  4. Multipurpose ethylene-vinyl Textured Super Strong Anti-Slip Mat Liner
  5. Levon Stainless Steel Laddle Hook Rail| Multi-Level Hook Rail
  6. Lifestyle Modular Kitchens V Shape Cup Stand Pieces Medium
  7. legance Dustbin for Home/Kitchen/Bathroom/Office use (10 LTR, Brown)
  8. Stainless Steel Multipurpose Storage Rack/Shelf, Kitchen RackĀ 
  9. Cabinet Door Kitchen Towel Bar
  10. 3 in 1 Kitchen Sink Organizer (for Dishwasher, Brush, Cloth, Soap, Sponge)
  11. Modular Dispenser Containers Oval Set of 4 for Rice | Dal |Atta | Snacks
  12. Amazon Brand – Solimo Revolving Spice Rack set (16 pieces)
  13. 4 Shelf Wall Mount Kitchen Utensils, Modular Kitchen Storage Rack |
  14. Rice, Pulses, Fruits, Vegetable, Noodles, Pasta Washing Bowl & Strainer
  15. ARISTO Lenovo Kitchen Organizer Rack with water storing tray (Multi Colour)

High Quality Plastic PET Canister Set, 18 Pieces

Capacity300 Milliliters

About this item

  • Each order comes with 6x 300 ml , 6 x 650 ml and 6 x 1,200 ml size containers, Total 18 Pcs PET Canisters
  • Available in Three Colors.
  • Available with 6 to 24 pieces, buy whichever you like.
  • Sturdy quality and high quality glass like plastic.
  • 100% Food Grade & BPA Free Canisters: This air tight is free from BPA (Bisphenol A), which causes health hazards when it comes in contact with food & liquids Ensuring a healthier lifestyle using Bisphenol A free Products
  • Easy to open lid: The Containers have swift & easy to operate lid, Ideal for dry food, pulses, spices
  • Stackable: You can stack the containers one over the other. Space saving canisters, Helps you to organize your kitchen
  • Air Tight Seal: The Checkers Containers have an air tight seal that completely locks the Crisp & flavour of the contents you put in as does not lose moisture. The taste and nutritive value of the contents remains intact for a long time making the containers very appropriate for storing dry food, pulses, and spices
  • Sheer, See through Lid: Easy to identify the contents without having to open each
  • Odourless: The Novel material used makes the container odourless

360 Degree Rotating Stainless Steel Water Sprinkler

MaterialABS, silicone and stainless steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH8.5 x 5.5 x 2.2 Centimeters
Item Weight251 Grams

About this item

  • Made of high quality and non-toxic ABS, silicone and stainless steel, having good flexibility, acid-proof and wearproof
  • Freely adjusting three levels of water yield. Suitable for using in kitchen, bathroom or garden
  • It’s very easy to install. 360 degree adjustable sprinkling area, saving much water
  • This faucet sprinkler can be easily rotated, clean kitchen sink have no dead ends
  • Material: ABS, silicone and stainless steel. Size: Approx. 8.5 x 5.5 x 2.5cm

Dust Bin Holder/Modular Kitchen Fixture (Dia 10 Inches)

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